How We Work

We believe not only in the highest quality of work, but in the quality of experience while doing that work, as well - both for the customer, and the service team. Too often, we've found that real productivity suffers not for lack of talent or motivation, but as a result of poorly-implemented processes and antiquated, one-size-fits-all solutions.

Having gotten our hands dirty in development projects at each end of the spectrum, we've custom-tailor our methodology to accommodate nimble workflows, diverse skillsets, and our massive crush on uber-efficiency. This means that we are constantly evolving - getting stronger, faster, and more scalable - to whatever you need.

 Who We Are

Jolly Science is a development and innovation lab formed with the goal of creating solid, usable code for both awesome clients and future developers. By leveraging 100 years' worth of combined skillsets and experience, we tackle and execute with extreme levels of prejudice and efficiency all of the development-related problems that creative groups face.

Since we began making the web better, our team members have developed and shipped more than 100 websites, web & mobile apps, and interactive marketing campaigns for brands and organizations in nearly every vertical industry. From the global level, to startups and local businesses, we've got you covered.